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Saturday June 1st - Chaya and the Pearls of the Desert at the 42nd annual Capitol Hill People's Fair
12:35 at the Green Up Denver performance area. 
Don't miss this annual free event!  Food, fun, entertainment and something for everyone all weekend.  Maybe even find the answer to the question of life, the universe and everything--who knows?
Hyland Hills bellydance class sessions are now monthly.  Beginning classes Mondays from 6 to 7pm, Advanced classes from 7-8pm.  Intermediate class Thursdays from 6-7pm, and Advanced II class 7-8pm.  See "Instruction" for further information.  

Bellydance for Wellness continues for University of Colorado Hospital employees.  Tuesday evening classes run for six weeks.  Most recent session began May 28th.  Contact Chaya for further information if you are a UCHSC, UPI, TCH or UCD employee. 

fond reverberations                                               

May 24th, 2013:  The Color of Magic, Thornton, CO
April 20th, 2013:  StarFest, Denver, CO
March 30th, 2013:  Return of April Foolishness, Denver, CO
November 3rd, 2012:  Apocahips, Boulder, CO
April 21st, 2012:  StarFest, Denver, CO
May 18th, 2012:   Vegas, Baby, Thornton, CO
August 10th, 2012:  Denver County Fair, Denver, CO
August 24th, 2012:  Denver Modernism, Denver, CO
October 6th, 2012:  Annual USO Show, Thornton, CO
October 20th, 2012:  MileHiCon, Denver,CO
October 26th, 2012:  Dead Man's Party, Thornton, CO
October 27th, 2012:  Witches Ball, Denver, CO



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           April Foolishnes photo shoot - Red Rock.  Image by Andrew Keating


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Many thanks to Go Daddy for hosting, Andrew for his fantastic photography, and Zaina for her help troubleshooting.